About Palace of Chemicals

Hydrated Culture Media

We produce selective media as well as general media. The products are in either 90 mm or 120 mm flat dishes, or in 90 mm seperated dishes. Each petri dish is labelled with the product name, lot number, production and expiry dates, and quality control strain information.

They are offered as 10 pieces wrapped in sterile bags. Shelf life of these products vary depending on their type.

All our media are CE marked.

Below is a list of some common media. Please contact us for your custom needs.

Product NameCatalog No
Brilliant Green Agar02004
Cetrimide Agar02005
CHROMagar ECC02013
CHROMagar Listeria02014
CHROMagar O15702016
CHROMagar Orientation02017
CHROMagar Pseudomanas02018
CHROMagar S.Aureus02019
CHROMagar Salmonella02020
CHROMagar Vibrio02021
DRBC Agar02025
EMB Agar02026
Endo Agar02027
Mac Conkey Agar02030
Mannitol Salt Agar02034
Nutrient Agar02038
Nutrient Agar w / TTC02039
Plate Count Agar02040
Potato Dextrose Agar02041
Rambach Agar02042
Sabouraud Dextrose Agar02044
Salmonella Shigella Agar02045
TSA w / Neutralisant02048
TSA w / Penase + Neutralisant02049
Violet Red Bile Agar02051
XLT4 Agar02052
Bile Esculin Agar02054
R2A Agar02059
D/E Neutralizing Agar02060
TSA w / Betalatamase + Neutra. (Single Bag)02061
TSA (Double Bag)02063
TSA w / Betalactamase + Neutra. (Triple Bag)02064
TSA (Triple Bag)02065
TSA w / Betalac. + Neutra. + Glycerol (Triple Bag)02066
Oxford Agar02067
TSC Agar02071
DG18 Agar02072
O.G.Y.E. Agar02073
TSA w/Penase (Triple Bag)02074
DNase Agar02076
MCTA (Double Bag)02082
MCTA w/ Betalactamase (Double Bag)02083
TSA w/Betalactamase (Triple Bag)02084
TSA w/Penase+Neutralisant (Triple Bag)02085
TSA w/Penase+ 4 Neutralisant (Triple Bag)02086
CHROMagar Mastitis GN / CHROMagar Mastitis GP03011
Salmonella İzolasyon Kiti03100